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National ministry of industry and information technology is the competent department in charge of the printed circuit board industry, its main responsibilities include formulate and organize the implementation of industry, communications industry planning, planning and industrial policy, put forward policy Suggestions on optimizing industry layout, structure, draft the drafting of related laws and regulations, formulate rules and regulations, and formulate the norms and standards in the industry and organize their implementation, guide the industry quality management. The electronic information division of the ministry of industry and information technology is responsible for the industry management of electronic information products manufacturing. To organize and coordinate major system equipment, microelectronics and so on basic product development and production, organization and coordination on major national construction projects needed to form a complete set of equipment, components, instruments and materials localization; To promote the application of electronic information technology. 
China‘s printed circuit industry association (CPCA) is belong to China‘s ministry of industry and information technology business manager and approved by the ministry of civil affairs has the qualifications of independent legal representive.it is also the national industry association, JPCA IPC, with the United States, Japan, Europe EIPC HKPCA IPCA KPCA, South Korea, India, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei TPCA WECC is the world‘s electronic circuit board of the main members, mainly be responsible for the organization in the industry enterprises to participate in making CPCA standard and standard of WECC, and associated with IPC and JPCA standard; To participate in the formulation of customs language and single consumption; To edit and publish printed circuit information newspapers, professional books and websites; To host the annual spring and autumn international PCB information/technology BBS; Carrying out staff skills training and seminars; Conduct industry survey and release "China electronic circuit top 100 enterprises list" every year.