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Time:2017-07-26 Views:66
Most electronic devices have a "straight man" personality: strong thermal conductivity, but not flexible enough. For example, some inorganic ceramic crystal materials have very high thermal conductivity, but they are very fragile. It is as if a man is handsome, but he is too masculine to be a man. 
Metal materials, for example, have good ductility, but their thermal conductivity is about 429W/mK. If the material is "man" and the boyfriend is high, the fight will make you, but not very cold. 
Until the university of Manchester, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov two professors found the high cold both graphene and gentle, to solve the problem, both of them won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010. 
It has been found that "ideal boyfriend", the carbon material of graphene, offers theoretical possibilities for solving "thermal conductivity and flexibility". 
Unfortunately, the reported pink graphene has been reported to be small and defective. The macroscopic materials that are assembled from them are not as good as the thermal conductivity and flexibility of the graphite film that has been commercialized. 
What is a graphite membrane? It‘s on your phone‘s back board. Its heat dissipation basically can withstand the mobile phone high power work, at most is in playing the game a little bit hot; The average graphite film is flexible and can be made with plastic -- no problem bending a bend, but it can be folded a few times.